Mikumi National Park


Lions relax up trees, while hippos bathe to the north, in Tanzania’s 4th largest national park, Mikumi. Situated on the northern border of the larger Selous Game Reserve, in central eastern Tanzania, this park is divided into 2 distinct regions: The northwest alluvial plains of the Mkata River Basin, with its savannah landscape, Acacia and palms, and the less hospitable and less accessible region to the southwest. To the west of the park, the Rubeho Mountains offer a striking silhouette. More easily accessible than other parks in the area, Mikumi National Park is a reliable destination for game viewing year round, but particularly in the dry season, from May- November.





Accessible by the surfaced road between Dar es Salaam and Iringa, Mikumi is the most accessible part of a 75,000 sq km tract of wilderness that stretches east almost as far as the Indian Ocean.


Hippo pools


5km north of the park, 2 artificially made pools are home to many hippopotami, offering some of the best opportunities to see and photograph these majestic beasts.



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