Lake Manyara National Park


The “loveliest I had seen in Africa” was how Ernest Hemmingway described Lake Manyara. But this beautiful lake is only one of many reasons to visit Lake Manyara National Park. Located west of Arusha in Northern Tanzania, along the base of the Riff Valley escarpment, this park is host to a bounty of diverse habitats and species. In the wet season, November- June, the lake swells to cover almost 200 sq km of the park, providing excellent opportunity for bird watching and canoeing. July to October is peak viewing time for the many mammals which inhabit the area. The park is a great viewing location for baboons; troops of over 100 baboons make their home amongst the fig and mahogany trees.



Several unique habitats to explore within a small area: Lake Manyara, ground water forests, grassy plains, and inland flood plains all offer different wildlife and terrain to explore, providing a complete mini safari experience within the park.

Hot Springs Boardwalk Way and Hippo Pool View Point:

A recent addition to the park, the boardwalk and view point allow visitors a new way to explore the park as well as ample photo opportunities.


Night Game Drive


Experience the thrill of a game drive at night under the stars. Many of Tanzania’s lesser seen creatures are nocturnal and are rarely to be viewed on day game drives. This is a special opportunity not to be missed. Travel in an open safari vehicle with canvas canopy, driven by professional guide. Please note this is an add-on to a safari package.



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