Classic Lodge safaris provide nightly accommodations in very special, high-end camps and lodges.

These classic lodges and camps are built in incredible locations - on the edge of rocky gorges, in treetops, on plains, crater rims, swamp and river edges... each creating a unique, inviting and sophisticated hideaway for your African adventure.

Enjoy a classic lodge safari for an unmatched experience in luxury.  You will enjoy amazing sights and sounds of Tanzania's wildlife right from your room, without sacrificing comfort.  The lodges all offer modern amenities, including private butler service!

Whether the style is traditional or modern, the classic lodge experience is always extraordinary.




It’s quite literally the 5-star treatment in the heart of the bush; everything from private en-suite bathrooms with hot showers to gourmet meals, swimming pools, and lavish lounges. Moon Advanture safaris Ltd selects the best tented camps for our safari packages. Tented camps on decks are designed to blend seamlessly with nature and to leave only a minimal footprint in sensitive eco-systems. Camps are placed strategically in game parks for the best wildlife viewing while offering comfortable and luxurious accommodation.




Moon Adventures Safaris Ltd has arrangements with a carefully selected range of Tanzanian safari lodges and camps. We can tailor-make your safari to include unforgettable stays in top level luxury 5-star lodges, or very comfortable 3 and 4-star accommodations, according to your preferences. Experience the best of Africa in comfort and style!

Spend your days exploring in a safari vehicle and return to enjoy all the hospitality offered by world-class hotels, with en-suite bathrooms, mouth-watering cuisine, swimming pools and laundry services.

Serena Safari Lodges, Sop Lodges, and Elwana Camps are just some of the lodge companies throughout Tanzania that we book with to ensure the highest in quality and comfort.

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